What's For Dinner?


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made more side dishes but didn't take the pics, everything was delicious :)









Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends at Specktra :-*


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Originally Posted by blindpassion
red - your family is seriously so lucky
You are super woman! I swear ! :p

forgot the pic of the dessert (frozen apple pie I baked for an hour) ;-)


Simply Elegant

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All of your food always looks good red.

I'm making potato slices with double smoked bacon and cheese with chicken thighs and legs with hot sauce. And I made shortbread cookies with dark chocolate icing and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.


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Red... I need you to move to Texas so you can be my personal chef!!! Your stuff always looks too good to eat!!


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All your food looks gorgeous, come feed me I insist ! This thread is just too naughty for me, i'm supposed to be on a diet !


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Originally Posted by melliquor
Your bruschetta looks yummy... what do you put in yours? I see garlic, onions, and tomatoes.

threw in some chick peas hee hee hee... why not? you can really put anything on bruschetta

lots of olive oil and balsamic vinegar


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Mmmm...all these sound delicious...my supper tonight will consist of a liquid diet...buffet style... Start off with the wine, and end with the tequila shots...
) ok ok..I will probably eat a little something..but got a busy night ahead (one of my besties is LEAVING and we are having a going away party for her)


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preparing lunch early today.

Beef rolls Lucie style

inexpensive beef cutlets stuffed with parmesan cheese, parsley, bread crumbs and a little ham (I didn't have toothpicks so I wrapped them in thread

make the tomato sauce


this is what the cutlets look like with the stuffing


than you saute them in a pan


add them to the sauce and cook for an hour or so on low flame


serve with pasta and a little Chianti ;-)


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I started with a French Onion Soup topped with croutons and Gruyère cheese.

My main course was fillet of venison cooked blue with a red wine jus seasoned with star anise and cinnamon and accompanied by potato dauphinoise, braised red cabbage and Brussels sprouts with chestnuts.

Pudding was chocolate profiteroles with dark melted chocolate.

All very tasty but disastrous for the waistline!

Liquid was provided by a rather nice French Shiraz wine.


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Originally Posted by ashk36
caffn8me...sounds like something outta the top chef kitchen!!

I cheated. It was at this restaurant but I could have cooked it all myself at home.

Your lasagne recipe looks very nice. I love lasagne. So far I've only made a vegetarian lasagne (this recipe) for guests but that worked too.

Tonight at home I started with;

Lightly toasted ciabatta rubbed with garlic and tomato topped with Parma ham;

  • Take a ciabatta, cut it in half horizontally and put in the oven for a few minutes so the top (cut) surface goes crisp.
  • Dip a garlic clove in salt and rub it firmly onto the ciabatta
  • Cut a tomato in half and rub that firmly on the ciabatta (you can also use an Italian tomato sauce)
  • Top with Parma ham or thinly sliced salami
  • Add freshly ground black pepper if desired
  • Enjoy!!!
It's an incredibly simple but very tasty starter.

Main course;

Fillet of beef cooked blue in a ridged grill pan accompanied by a baked jacket potato with garlic mayonnaise and a mixed green leaf salad with a classic French dressing. I had some hot horseradish sauce with the beef.


None - being good!


Italian red wine (I forget which one!)

I love cooking so will post some pictures when I have something worthwhile to show.

Lunch will be a curried roast parsnip soup which I made a few days ago. Instead of using honey, I dipped the cut parsnips in a mix of half water and half dark soy sauce. I also used eight times the recipe amount of garlic and double the maximum amount of curry powder. To make it a little healthier I used a thinner (lower fat) cream. It's very tasty

PS - can anyone tell I love garlic?