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    soft & glam

    ultima II fade not, crease not naked lunch e/s passionate e/s romping e/s beauty marked e/s blacktrack f/l teloscopic m pomposity l/s afterdusk b sorry for the junky photos. i tried to copy a look i seen yesterday and she made a tutorial and posted today. but, hers is WAY better. i put on too...
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    purple enchantment

    i used: mac other worldly blush ulta bronzer oceanmist cosmetics foundation in sunsilk mac [some light pink e/s with shimmer] all over lid and just under brows milani enchantment in crease mac beauty marked on outer crease mac naked lunch under brows blacktrack fluidline [although, i NEED...
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    bangin' on the electric blue

    electric eel & bang on blue. trying to copy eve? yea ... i suck. ha. i need the 266 to apply my blacktrack fluidline. i used a random cheapo brow brush. it hurts the waterline. *cries* teloscopic mascara = LOVE!! i don't need to use 2 mascaras now! i think i found my HG, but i'm still going to...
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    green smokey

    today's a busy one. out to plato's closet to sell my pre pregnancy clothes *sobs*, grocery shopping, bank, and to the drive in. excuse my brows! ew! i'm growing them out so i can start over. i hate them. & i'm starting to think that out to shock is too light for my complexion. any comments? ha...
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    dumb, but whatever.

    so, i did my makeup. i didn't like it one bit. came out sloppy and i couldn't place colors worth a damn today. chayden thought the same thing ... with all that in mind, i'm glad i didn't do my hair yet for the day. or else, i would of had makeup all over it and chayden would of tangled it up =/...
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    i didn't get any good light today. the sun is starting to fade away. so, no close shots. but, believe me, i'm not really happy with the results. hmmmm .... EYES; ultima II fade not crease not pure luxe e/s in harmony, lilac ice, & amethyst. maybelline mascara xxl & great lash. BROWS; some...
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    my RAAiNBOW

    so yes. here i am, trying that rainbow look. although, i didn't do the lips. time was running out because my baby woke up from his nap =] so, is my liner better then yesterdays? ha. i'm sure. i didn't use a crappy milani liquid liner. i used a black pigment from mac, but its not labeled, so i'm...
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    eyepopping & wondergrass ... for sure

    EYES; ultima II fade not, crease not. wondergrass eyepopping going bananas naked lunch milani liner in black maybelline xxl mascara BROWS; some cheapo brown pencil liner. FACE; some clinique foundation sample. possibly shade 04? CHEEKS; afterdusk other worldly LiPS; she boom...
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    passionately going bananas [huh?]

    so, i recieved my c-shock goodies in the mail yesterday. my hubby bobby picked it up for me while i was at my sister in laws house. i was too excited to get home!!! here is my attempt at passionate and going bananas. i have yet to try all of the lipsticks i got, lip gelees, and the rest of the...
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    my first try at a rainbow eye

    sorry the pictures suuuck!! my fiance bobby was taking a shower and i didn't get a chance at good lighting. and all the closeups were blurry. so, here are some icky pictures. maybe next time will be better. oh, and my hair was wet, not greasy! ew! i just got out of the shower . lol. FACE...
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    sunsets are pretty =]

    i love mac firespot! i've been dreaming about it all night long. thinking of different ways i could use it. oh. and after using a few layers of mac afterdusk, i can't really tell i have any on =/. oh, but it smells good though. like, candies! face oceanmist cosmetics mineral powder foundation...
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    MY version of honey moon [face chart from mac moonbathe]

    i got to use my moonbathe stuff! well, only a select few since i didn't buy everything. this is a sorta neutral look. its for my sisters graduation tonight!! yay! {congrats rebecca!} anywho, i'm still just learning techniques. i'm sure you've all got a few tips for me ... if not. yay! i guess...
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    moonbathe haul

    i've been waiting forever for my mac cosmetics order to come in the mail! i was sooooo excited when i came home and seen a little black box =]] in it, i had; honey moon l/s other worldly blush afterdusk blush firespot e/s [yay!!] & claire de lune e/s i'll be trying these out tomorrow!
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    orange, pink & green.

    so, today i was feeling pretty bright. chayden [my 9 month old son] was playing with markers. and the colors he picked out was, orange, pink & green. i got really inspired so i looked through my eyeshadow inspiration folder. i didn't find anything with those colors, so i sorta made up my own...
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    teal & blue brown

    i fell in love with this combo when i seen it on somebody else. i think it was on livejournal or something? & excuse all the pictures. this has been my favorite look i've done on myself. i'm excited about my blending! lol. but, then again, any and all CC is appreciated. face: oceanmist...