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    Black to Bright Orangey Red

    I dyed my hair again. After having black for over a year I wanted to lighter. Here's how it went down: First time it was stripped I had it done at a salon that has mostly Arab clients. I'd gone there before for cuts and dyes (black) and had good results. Not this time. First strip left my...
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    Happy 18th to Me FOTD

    Finally eighteen!!! Face: Too Faced Carribean in a Compact MAC Fafi Verv-acious IPP MAC Golden bronzer Eyes: Shiseido Eye/Brow Compact in Dark Brown Shiseido Desert Winds quad MAC Bare Study paint pot MAC Plushlash Lips: Dior Ultra Addict Shine Lipstick 142 (Shiniest Meringue)
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    NC Fafi Haul (with pics!)

    Was in North Carolina for a short visit (taking care of some stuffs from my secondary school) and went to the MAC counter. Fafi Quad 1 Cash Flow paint pot Fresco Rose paint pot Studio Fix Powder NC15 Hipness blush Virvacious irredescent pressed powder Snowgirl lipglass Pink Poodle lipglass...
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    Eyeshadow & Lipstick Recs

    I really love the texture and color of Shirley Manson's eyeshadow/eyeliner in this picture and also the lipstick she's wearing. Anyone know what they are or similar products? (click to enlarge)
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    Lip Conditioner Stick vs Lip Treatment

    Is there a different between the lip conditioner stick and the lip treatment (that comes in the "bullet" lip case)? If so, what?
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    Pink lipstick swatches

    some swatches of pinks
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    Bad skin on celebs

    So I was browsing Milla Jovovich's website and just looking at different pics of her. And found two that were taken within the same year: Air brushed and pretty (click to enlarge). And here you can tell she is definately a smoker. She's written about it in her blog before and it clearly...
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    Milla Jovovich Tutorial

    I'm like a huge Milla Jovovich fan (Fifth Element, Resident Evil, Ultraviolet, and every other movie she's done). She can't act well but she's so pretty!!! Tutorial inspired by the below ad: I'm going to use the Milla's Blues Quad (American version that I got in some airport over x-mas)...
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    Bahraini Barbie FOTD

    Went to a party, had my hair done, did my own MU (since I do it better than the MA's I know here), and am wearing this uber cute hot pink dress with silver heels. (my brother called me the subject title as soon as he saw the pink dress, lmao) I got back a little while ago and my feet huuurt...
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    How to say goodbye?

    How do I say good bye to my boyfriend? I'm going to the UK for university this autumn but I'm moving over this summer. We're still really close and I know I'm going to miss him but I also know this is a once in a lifetime chance that I can not give up. I think he'll understand, I told him a...
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    Slenderize Gloss

    FUZE Slenderize Guilt Free Lip Gloss Quote: What it is: A super shiny lip gloss inspired by Fuze energy drinks that energizes and slenderizes. What it does: Quench your thirst for a beauty buzz with FUZE Slenderize Guilt Free Gloss. Infused with the healthy, delicious fruit flavors...
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    Delayed Muscle Soreness

    What do you do to stop delayed muscle soreness? I've begun weight training, cycling, and running. All indoors. I started exercising again because I really, really want to try doing a triathalon with my boyfriend this summer (May). So I've been doing about an hour on the bike or cycle...
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    Gifts of beauty

    Are you giving any cosmetics or skin care for Chistmas or Hannukah? Do you want/did you ask for any? I asked my parents for Chance Eau Fraîche by Chanel and MAC brushes. I got Dior make-up for some of my cousins (like the accesories).Also purchased Opium Parfum for my grandmother, it's the...
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    Parisian Haul (w/ pics)

    We had a ten hour layover in Orly, sooo we went shopping XD I went skiing with a group of my cousins yesterday, I can ski but insisted on using a snowboard (which I barely know how to use)... big mistake. I kept falling on my butt. Make-Up + Ski Dubai = Awesome end to my week Innocent...
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    Angry at Square Enix

    This is a shallow, borderline non-sensical (is that a word?) video game rant. Just a warning. So my favorite video game of all time is Parasite Eve. I've read the book, played the game, the sequel, cosplayed as the game's villain (Melissa Pearce/Eve, same character on my avatar), and have a...