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    Lipsticks for a very very pale pink toned skin

    I'm going to do some back to mac-ing soon, and i was just wondering what lipsticks would suit a (roughly) NC15(bit lighter...) skin? I like everything from subtle to bold and currently haaave: Myth Snob Diva Rebel Overdone and will son have morange... what can you reccomend for me? any must...
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    OMG GUYS Z palette is so coool >.<

    ok, so I just got my first Z palette in the mail and i want to order 6 more (also got some yaby eyeshadows.. which although tiny as you'll see, pack a punch, and are dirt cheap... will be ordering more.) I'm never bying a MAC palette again. why? -this one doesn't have annoying damn dividers...
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    loose powder

    is this too good to be true? MAC SELECT SHEER LOOSE POWDER F/SIZE NC15 $43.00!! - eBay, Face Powder, Makeup, Beauty, Health. (end time 18-Dec-09 12:25:30 AEDST)
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    Dupe for Glissade MSF?

    I've hit pan big time on my glissade msf and its obviously sold out... does anyone know of a dupe?
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    I resigned!!!

    My last day is january 14th! I'm so excited. I'm going to cut all my hair off and dye it crazy colours and wear rainbow eyeshadow and get piercings everywhere. (in other words go back to being myself, FINALLYYYYYYYY) Oh man, you have no idea how good i feel I guess cosmetics retail just...
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    I went in for the chop :D

    Oh man im so excited i had my hair cut and dyed and i feel 100000% better and more confident and sexy before: after:
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    This isn't what i thought it would be.

    I love my company, I love some of the products, I even love the girls their. What I'm not so in love with is, well, alot of things. I have to pretend to be someone else at work, all day, most days of the week. People at work would not recognise me if they saw me out of uniform. Ponytails and...
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    I'm going to makeup school!

    Finally, I have enrolled in Cameron Jane Makeup Design. COME ON FEBRUARY I'm so excited i think i might pee my pants. Good bye retail, lookout makeup industry
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    playign with my new pigments!

    EyesMAC piggies unless otherwise noted) Off the Radar Blue Brown Chocolate Brown Milk Champagne Bella Pierre eyeshadow Clinique Lash Power- Black Make Up Store eyeliner in snowflake Face: Diorskin Nude 010 Cinema secrets cream foundation in i thiiiink 501? Glissade MSF Tippy Hello Kitty blush...
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    Dyeing and perming?

    Ok soo I have a soft perm in my hair (slowly growing out, about 3 inches are not permed at the roots.) I also got blonde and red foils recently, after the perm. So now I have really cute curly hair, with blonde and red highlights... And I HATE the foils they were so cute at first but now I...
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    mutiny+off the radar

    im so imaginative with my titles. i used: eyes: MAC mutiny pigment MAC off the radar pigment Prestige eyeshadow.. dakr purpley blue, anme was rubbed off MAC Gulf Stream e/s MAC paint pot Electro Sky Clinqiue eyeliner pot in true black Highlighter from mochaberry duo (clinique) MAC dreammaker...
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    MAC Australia

    I'm already working for another Estee Lauder company, but I was curious about MAC's grooming guidelines in australian stores? ie: Piercings y/n? How many? on face? ears? visible tattoos: yes/no? unnatural coloured hair eg pink green etc nail length and colour, can artists have longish brightly...
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    Mutiny Pigment+off the radar pigment

    Has anyone got a suggestion on how to wear this? I'm extremely pale (neither nc or nw15 are right for me) I have dark brown hair and bluey/greeny/hazelly eyes. I just can't figure out how to use it without making myself look like a hooker? also i bought Off The Radar pigment and im looking for...
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    Snob Dupe?

    Could someone pleeease help me find one? I reeally want Snob but they seem to be out of stock everywhere near me
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    My Precioussssss

    My preciouses Altogether eyes lips face hands/nails perfumes daily use/hg products work away