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    Easiest liquid liner to use?

    My synchro skating team has a competition next weekend and I'm usually the one who does the make-up. However this year I am waiting to give birth so may or may not be able to do it My question is this - what liner would you say would be the easiest for people with virtually no experience...
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    Fave product for glitter

    I have searched this and found some responses but noticed that many are a bit older and I thought some things might have changed. I'm looking to do a look for my synchro skating team that involves mucho glitter but need to figure out how best to apply it. I have the water based mixing medium...
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    Bronzer help

    I'm looking to get a bronzer now that we're getting into the nicer weather but am not sure which one would be best on me. I'm thinking Refined Golden from Solar Field b/c I want the orange packaging but am not sure if it's going to be the right colour on me and I don't have a store or counter...
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    Do I really need Pandamonium? I love greys and have tried billions. I have Electra, Silver Ring, Clue, Charred and Print. I like them all except Print (have never used it yet ) I'm trying to decide if I need another grey and if I'm going to find it really that much different from anything I...
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    Prom makeup

    My step daughter has asked me to do her makeup for Prom Her dress is long, halter neck and a bright pink. Very pretty but not sexy or anything really (which is just fine by me ) Anyway, I'm looking for some suggestions of what to put on her. She doesn't wear a lot of make up on a day to day...
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    If you wanted a glittery look ...

    And I mean really glittery that picks up and reflects lots of light woudl you go with reflects gold glitter or 3D gold glitter? Thanks - I'm trying to help my step-daughters cheerleading coach do their makeup and this is what she wants.
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    What should I wear?

    I got my hair coloured and cut yesterday - love the colour, the cut's a little short but it'll grow I suppose :P Anyway, I'm trying to figure out what to wear to work to wow everybody I'm thinking either a bright green turtleneck or black one. I'm usually a matchy-matchy with my clothes and...
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    What goes with Greensmoke

    I just got Greensmoke today and am really excited to wear it because it's such a gorgeous colour but ... I don't know what to pair it with. I have strawberry blond hair, blue eyes and am about an NW25 (maybe a bit lighter) Any suggestions? TIA
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    Studio Fix Fluid help

    I'm currently using Mineralize Satinfinish but am finisin gthat by the end of the day I'm lookng a little greasy and that it totally highlight any dry spots or pores on my cheeks () I've heard such great things on here about Studio Fix Fluid that I'm thinking about trying it. My questions...
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    Blush colour rec

    If you were to recommend a blush (MAC please) that suits a wide variety of skin tones what would it be? We're all caucasian but vary from roughly an NW20-35-40ish?
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    Liner help

    Yeah yeah I know enough with the questions for my skating team makeup Anyway, I did a MAC Live Chat this morning and she suggested I skip the Metal-X shadow since I have to do so many girls. She suggested Silver Fog pg, Black Tied, either Forgery or Crystal Avalanche as a highlight and...
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    Metal-X shadows hard to work with?

    I need some help from the experts of Specktra I am the one in charge of my skating teams makeup and we've decided on a silvery/grey smokey eye. I intend to use MAC products since I have to do everybody's makeup (12 people) in a little over an hour and a half. Anyway ... I've been looking...
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    Pink highlighter suggestions

    I've been using Sweet Lust as a highlighter but am starting to find that the amount of glittery fallout is starting to piss me off. Soooooo I'm looking for another light pink to use instead. Ideas?? Thanks.
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    Grey shadow advice

    I'm looking for a grey (or silvery) shadow that doesn't look blusish on me. Electra, Silver Ring and Cumulua all end up looking bluey I'm now looking at Print or Knight DIvine although they look a bit dark so I'm scared of them Anyway, if you were to pick one which would you go with? I don't...
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    What colours to wear?

    HI ladies (and gents) I bought this top to wear to my Christmas party but don't know what colours to do for my makeup. I'll be wearing it with black pants. Since I'm not really sure what kind of look I'm going for I'm open to any and all suggestions. TIA