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    Updated Makeup Room and Makeup Collection, Storage and Organization (video, pics coming soon)

    Updated Makeup Room and Makeup Collection, Storage and Organization (video, pics coming soon) It's taken a year since the last update in my previous thread, but I've finally completed my makeup room. :D I'm really excited!! As always, kudos go to my man for being super handy with the...
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    Nail Polish Storage - DYI "wall" shelf

    I've seen those acrylic wall units, and wanted something a little classier, so my wonderful hubby built me this. Unfortunately it does't store as much as a drawer unit does (like the one in my other thread, which is where I store the rest of my nail polish), but it's nice to have some things...
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    New Sephora in Montreal (Ste. Catherine's Street) Haul

    My first impressions of the new Sephora that recently opened in Montreal, as well as a small haul. Apologies, the sound is a little low as I am not yet adept at video-making - this was my second YT attempt. =)
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    Holiday Haul, part 1.

    I went a little nuts during Black Friday sales. (Still waiting on my Milani order.) Part 1: Part 2:
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    The Makeup Show haul (plus a little extra from Murale)

    I don't think I've ever bought this much in one shot, and yet the only thing I regret is that what I DIDN'T buy. The Makeup Show is bloody dangerous, lol! Some skincare and blushes, as well as a few foundations I wanted to test-drive. I went a little nuts at the Inglot...
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    Perfect storage tray for MSFs

    I've been able to find storage solutions for most things, but MSFs and beauty powders have been an issue. Most of the storage bins (the kind used for utensils and the like) are just a bit too narrow. They're usually 3 inches wide, which is fine for blushes, but not MSFs. I found two options...
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    My "OMG I just discovered Ebay" Haul

    Ok, obviously I knew about ebay. But as an unrepentant makeup-aholic, I figured that I should avoid it for the sake of my wallet and my sanity. Sadly, a friend recently enabled me. This is the result. All wonderfully new, unused and super cheap.
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    Vanity and storage solution (updated 13/07/12, with video tour and pic heavy)

    UPDATED: This what my vanity looks like now that my man has built me a whole separate makeup room/boudoir. As I mention in the video, this is in a separate room in the basement. It's nice because it does get a lot of light for a basement, but I do have strong 'daylight'...
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    MUD - Makeup Designatory

    Has anyone tried anything from this line? Gossmakeupartist on youtube has briefly reviewed both the shadows and the foundations, but I haven't heard much otherwise. Make-up Designory Cosmetics
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    What made you finally leave?

    For those of you who have spent time working for a Cosmetics Retailer (be it MAC, a counter, Sephora, Ulta, etc) - what was the stray that broke the camel's back, the event or the realization that made you decide to leave? Was it one thing? A combination of factors? What did you move onto? Do...
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    Murale stores in Canada?

    Has anyone had a chance to check out the Murale stores in Ottawa and Montreal? They're billing themselves as a better version of Sephora, and I'm really curious - the one near me is a little out of my way, but I'm wondering if it's worth investigating.
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    L.A. Girl - any opinions?

    L.A. Girl is one of those cheapie brands featured on Cherryculture. I've been wary of trying out anything other than NYX from then, since at least NYX is a proven entity - a cheap brand that actually delivers. But I ran across a teeny display of L.A. Girl's new eyeshadows (which aren't featured...
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    Too old to start?

    Do you think there's an age-limit to starting in this industry? (Especially considering the age-ism prevalent in the beauty field, but also just as a matter of the unreliability of steady work necessarily making it a 'young man's game'?) Do you think it differs between bridal/event, salon work...
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    Lippie Storage

    This is a variation on the cut-lippie-boxes-and-tape-them-together solution that has already been suggested. Since I collect candles, I have a crapload of pretty candle boxes that I can't bear to throw out (and I obsessively keep my MAC containers), so I decided to combine the two together...
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    Beauty Powder Blushes or Mineralized Skinfinishes?

    Which do you prefer - the new BPBs or MSFs? If you had to choose...