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    It snowed on Hallowe'en... (Cybergoth look WOC)

    So for Hallowe'en this year I rocked a cybergoth look. I'm anything BUT goth/raver or whatever but dressing up in all of this stuff was a TON of fun so I suspect I'll be looking for more places to wear it in the future. Here's the makeup and mani I wore to complete the look. Apologies...
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    Anybody here ever had/suffered/is currently suffering from/know anybody who has suffered from this... problem? And what did you do about it?
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    miss.x aesthetic laboratories

    Anybody heard of this (her band, her makeup line)/of her (destroyx)? I don't even know how I came across this...but OMG her looks are incredible. + your daily dose of destruction (If this is posted on here somewhere or if it should be in another category, please move it.)
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    Congratulations, Zerin!

    On being an Annabelle cosmetics makeup junkie! Great job! (I had no idea where to post this.)
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    Smartphones and nails...

    Hey all... I have no idea whether this is an appropriate question for this section (and even whether it has been posted already). Please direct me elsewhere if there has already been a board as I couldn't find anything when I searched. I am in the process of deciding on a new cellphone. After...
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    (Apologies if this has already been asked. I keep getting error messages when I run a search). Are there any MAC fans out there that don't care about LE packaging? I know that sometimes fans are inspired to make purchases from collections because they love the LE packaging that comes out...but...
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    MAC's Vino nail polish

    Hey all... Just wondering if any of you knew of a dupe for MAC's (now retired) Vino polish? I happened to get my hands on a bottle purely by accident (my mom got some as a gift years ago, recently re-discovered it virtually unused, and decided to pass it along to me) and I've found it is...
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    My vanity area aka "The more space I have...the more stuff I'll get to fill it." :P

    At the moment I've got a fairly modest collection (by Specktra standards, anyway) but given the exponential growth rate of my collection since December 2007, it's safe to say I probably shouldn't be looking to expand my storage capacity anytime soon. :P Anyway, onto (yet another) Malm vanity...
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    Winter makes me surly...

    Face MAC Studio Sculpt foundation (NC45) MAC Mineralized Skinfinish (Medium Dark) MAC Mineralized Blush (Love Joy) Eyes MAC Paintstick (True White) MAC e/s Blanc Type MAC e/s Electric Eel MAC e/s Contrast MAC e/s Plumage MAC e/s Crystal Avalanche MAC pigment Vanilla Fyrinnae e/s Digital Faerie...
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    Some fake fur and I could pass as a pimp.

    Okay, probably not. :P But I do like purple! Face MAC Matte Texture MAC Full Coverage foundation (NC45) MAC Mineralized Skinfinish (Medium Dark) MAC Blush (Springsheen) MAC Blush (Peachtwist) MAC Blush (Blunt) - for contour Eyes UDPP MAC e/s Crystal Avalanche/Swish MAC e/s Stars n'...
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    Hallowe'en Nonsense... (aka another TDK Joker)

    I posted this in the challenges section but I figured since I hadn't posted a FOTD recently, it was fair game. We attended a stag and doe/halloween party over the weekend and it's the first time my bf and I have gone all out for Halloween. (I was thrilled at the thought of doing his makeup)...
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    Platinum Grapes

    Face MAC Matte Texture MAC Full Coverage Foundation in NC45 MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC43 & NC 45 Studio Finish Concealer Cheeks MAC Blush in Springsheen MAC Blush in Peachtwist Contour MAC Blush - Blunt Faces Metaliglow #2 highlight Eyes Urban Decay Primer Potion MAC Platinum pigment...
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    Summer Berries (Happy Caribana Weekend!)

    (Not really any summer berries at all.) I wore this out for a club night with some friends. Apologies in advance... this was taken at 3am (AFTER dancing for 5 hours straight.) Half of it has probably melted off in the excitement. Face MAC Matte Texture (applied with fingers) MAC Oil Control...
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    Yes...I'm wearing lipsmackers on my lips. I started wearing this stuff when I was...14?! and haven't stopped. :P Face MAC Matte Texture (applied with fingers) MAC Full Coverage Foundation in NC45 MAC Studio Fix Powder in NC43 Cheeks MAC Blush in Springsheen Contour MAC Studiofix Powder in...
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    Need Help Determining Eye Shape and Recreating a Look (pics included)

    Hey all... I had a question (obviously). Actually, I have a couple of questions and I have included my bare eyes for your perusal. First, what sort of eye shape would you say that I have? I've asked a MAC MUA in person and she seemed to think I had "almondine" shaped eyes (I think she made...