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    The trickle down effect

    I went to the mall today to check out the shoe stores because it's BOOT SEASON! I found something out that made me laugh every time I walked into a new store. Steve Madden $160 reduced from $210 Bakers $150 Spring $90 Payless $40 Same exact boot, four different stores, four different prices...
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    Help me find these boots!!

    I just found this picture when randomly browsing the internet and I've fallen in LOVE with the boots the girl is wearing! I absolutely love boots like that and I think these are my holy grail motorcycle boots! The picture is from a H&M photoshoot/catalog/I don't know what. If anyone knows...
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    Red Light Special

    When you're taking pictures, MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOUR HAND AWAY FROM THE FLASH. Otherwise... OUCH. Augh, frost explosion. I swear it doesn't look this shiny in person, I guess the flash just picked up every single sparkle in every frosty shadow I put on my eyes. Hi Bateux, looking totally...
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    Slim in 6?

    Saw this on the infomercial last night. Anybody familiar with it? Anybody try it? I'm a senior in college and I gained 30 lbs as a freshman, going from 130lbs to 160lbs in less than a year and I've yet to lose it. If I did this, by the time I finished I'd be on my way back to school, which has...
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    1st posted haul! MAC F&F plus some Sephora

    Posting my first haul here on the forums (but not my first haul EVER ). Went a little nuts with all of this, especially with Color Craft not too far off, but I love what I got! (Also note that everything is pictured on top of a MALM dressing table! ;D) MAC stuff. I got... 2 15-pan e/s...
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    Temp agencies?

    Can anyone share their experiences with places like this? What to expect? What to do/how best to get a job? I've only got two months of summer left before I go back to school (where I have two on-campus jobs already lined up) so I don't want to get a regular sort of job. A lot of people have...
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    Pictureless EOTD 6/18/09

    I'm unfortunately not home right now, otherwise I'd take a picture of this look. I LOOOOVE it though and will definitely be trying it again. All That Glitters on the lid Coppering in the outer v Amber Lights in the crease All That Glitters as highlight It's slightly smoky and Coppering blends...
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    How long did it take you to find a foundation that didn't piss your skin off?

    Having been a makeup fanatic for less than four months, I'm still trying to find my product staples, namely foundations and powders! After doing pretty much nothing to my face for years and years and years, my skin is reacting badly to SOMETHING. I've tried MAC Select SPF, Clinique Even Better...
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    Compulsive lip biting

    I don't know, maybe I'm alone in this, but I compulsively bite the skin off of my lips. I'm doing it right now, actually. As soon as my lips get the tiniest bit of loose skin on my lips, I start biting it off until there's nothing left. Or else it's gross and patchy where there's still skin...
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    Neutral Blackberry

    Just a simple neutral FOTD today. I used... MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW40 Everyday Minerals Medium Sandy Beige MAC MSF Natural Medium Dark MAC Ricepaper e/s MAC Saddle e/s MAC Blackberry e/s MAC Lustreglass Bateaux
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    Dressed up from the neck up

    Being a makeup wearing girly girl is still a very recent thing for me, so I tend to slap my MAC on, then go out in a Threadless tee, Delias jeans, and Old Navy flipflops. I loooove boots though, so I look a bit nicer in the winter since I wear them more often than sneakers. I'm not quite...
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    Tiny newbie stash!

    CLICK HERE FOR UPDATE! I've only been buying makeup since like... February-ish? It definitely hasn't been very long, but I've been buying like a fiend since I started. My collection is like 85% MAC. Here's a shot of everything: But first! All my MAC! My eyeshadow palette: 1st Row...
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    I'll never find someone quite like you again [mac browns]

    Hello hello. Here's the first FOTD I'm posting here. I've only been more seriously buying and wearing makeup for the past couple of months so I'm definitely still learning. I'm 20, just so everyone knows. First of all... It's friggin' hot in here! Okay, here's the look. I was wearing a...
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    I thought you were in high school!

    I'm 21 years old, about to be a senior in college, and people are always surprised when I tell them how old I am. I'm 5'8" and a 36DD but people still assume that I'm as young as 16. I guess I just have a really round, young-looking face. This'll be great when I'm 40, but right now the last...
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    Greetings from the wastelands of Delaware!

    Hello ladies! You can call me Sha. I'm a 20 year old (soon to be 21 next month!) English writing major/studio art minor going to school in New Jersey and recently moved to Delaware. There's no Sephora here and the closest MAC is an hour away! Anyway, I've only very, very recently gotten...