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    LJ Newbie!!

    Ok, so I finally signed up for LJ. I added MAC Cosmetics community into my friends list. What else do I need to do? Do y'all have friends only on your LJ Blogs? What other communities should I add? How do I add people or get people to add me? Thanks!!
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    Moisturegleam info...

    Ok, so I e-mailed MAC to see what they would say about Moisturegleam. Quote: MOISTUREGLEAM is a lightweight, silky lotion that contains a subtle pearlized pigment to instantly brighten skin and improve skin's radiance. The comfortable formula glides easily onto the skin and provides...
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    Bought my first LE "back-up" today!!

    Ok, so I have never ever bought a 2nd item of anything until the 1st one was used up. I always thought it was so funny how some people would buy "back-ups" of LE items. Well, my friends, today I became one of those funny people!! LOL ops: I bought a back-up of Lucky Green!! We all did...
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    Lucky Green vs. Acid Rain Lucky Green is on the top right. Acid Rain is on the bottom right. Acid Rain is on top, Lucky Green is on bottom. As you can see, Lucky Green is a lot brighter and has more yellow...
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    Top 5 neutral e/s?

    I need to expand my neutral e/s collection due to the increase of wedding MU I've been doing. I have Woodwinked & Era, but need more!! Oh, I do have some neutrals in other brands, but I want more MAC neutrals b/c they can fit in my palettes. Anyway, what are your top 5 neutral recs?
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    What red l/s do you think this is?

    I looove that shade of red!! What do you think it might be?
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    American Idol...the final two!!! Who are you voting for?

    Bo all the way!!! Especially after this week's performances.
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    American Idol...3 left!!

    Holy shit!! Bo blew me away tonight!! The acapella song was AMAZING!!! I hope he wins so I can buy the CD!!
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    Argh!! This is why Scott Savol won't go away!!

    This was on the radio the other day: If he wins b/c of this, I'm gonna be sooo pissed!!!
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    Help me find a NUDE MAC l/s that looks like this: In this pic I'm wearing Trucco Sugar Sugar l/g. I really want to find a great MAC nude l/s that looks like this. I have Subculture l/l, and have tried Freckletone & Blankety, but neither of those work on me. I'm normally an NC25. My skin...
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    New Poll!! American Idol.....5 left...

    OMFG!! Ok, so I know Constantine butchered the song this week, but I CAN'T believe he got booted BEFORE Scott & Anthony!! C'mon people!!! Who the hell is voting for Scott anyway?!?! Everyone I know can't stand him or Anthony. Carrie & Vonzell have good voices, but they still bore me. I'm...
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    Has anyone tried Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correctors?

    I've used it on people, and it works pretty well. It is a silicone based product, so you'll either like it or you won't. I find that people tend to over-use this product a lot. 2 pumps should be enough for the whole face.
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    CCO coming to Washington State!! Yeah!!!

    Finally!! It's going to be in Marysville. A bit of a drive for me, but hopefully worth it!!
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    Bubble Wrap!!
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    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?!?!?

    I never saw this one coming!! I wonder how they met. Pics of them together here: