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    MAC Job Fair question? (different than group interview?)

    Hi all! I have a question! I stumbled upon a post on craigslist that MAC inside Macy's is having a job fair this Monday and that it says "If you love M.A.C, have a passion and skill for make up artistry and have experience in customer service and retail, please join us for our open...
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    Which daytime moisturizer to get?!

    So i'm debating about getting a daytime moisturizer.. i had oily t-zone, combo skin during the summer.. but now that the weather has changed drastically as of late (extremely dry/cold and rainy).. my face is completey dry (well mostly around the nose) and some spots, but definitely not as oily...
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    Which Foundation?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, not sure which to put this in. I'm on the fence with two foundations, Estee Lauder Double Wear and Chanel Mat Lumiere. On the chanel forum, there aren't that many topics on it, and i haven't really seen reviews on the estee lauder double wear so i...
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    FOTD :: Simply Bored

    I was bored and decided to just play around and do a simple eyeshadow look to show you all... and if you're wondering.. YES my hair is curled! well i had curled it yesterday for a babyshower and slept in them since we came home so late.. and today they are still lovely lol.. I also had tested...
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    Skincare newbie - need help/recommendations!

    So i admit - when i was younger, no one ever told me you needed to take care of your skin etc etc.. so up until now i never really took care of my skin, when i was a teenager, i'd sleep in my make-up or just wipe it off with a wipe and go on with my day.. and i took for granted my amazing...
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    August Haul

    okay so far, i've hauled a bit and want to share with all my fellow make-up/beauty junkies * ELF Beauty Books (Neutrals, Smoky & Eye brights) * Eco Brushes (Bronzer Brush & Blush Brush) * Covergirl Liquiline blast Eyeliners (Blackfire, Greenglow, Violet Voltage, Blue Boom) Had to return...
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    Recs needed for a friend

    A good friend of mine is asking for some lipstick recommendations any brand She is nc42 She is wondering if reds/pinks would go well with her skintone and which ones She kind of wants a tint but doesnt know what color to try and for reference her lips are really pale
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    Best Drugstore liq Foundation & Powder for oily skin recs?

    I'm looking for the best drugstore brand liquid foundations and setting powders for oily/combo/acne prone skin. i've tried revlon colorstay and it just didn't agree with my skin.. so i'm on the hunt for another brand.. was reading and saw some good reviews on Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid...
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    Requested :: Quick, Simple & Messy Beach Look Tutorial

    So My gal pal (and my co-admin from Nicole (check out her blog - she's a sweetheart!) requested a quick tutorial for a look suitable for the beach. So I was really pressed with time as shes going to the beach tomorrow and wanted to use a bright color. So this is my Quick...
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    FOTD :: Dare To Wear

    My Fit Beauty: FOTD :: Dare to Wear So I decided to do a quick FOTD using the products i got from the MAC Dare to Wear collection. My older daughter was with hubby still eating lunch downstairs, while my youngest one was napping - so i had a little time to play! and her little feet i think...
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    FOTD :: Sweet & Natural

    My Fit Beauty: FOTD :: Sweet & Natural This was the look that I did today! (I cannot believe i've been quite a good girl posting lots of FOTD's lately lol) but Today I was wearing My favorite color Green scrubs (yes they're by Baby Phat!) I had a meeting with my boss today so I wanted to wear...
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    FOTD :: Blues with Wet N Wild Pride Palette

    So this was really spontaneous..but I wanted to quickly do a tutorial using the Wet N Wild Color Icon Palette in Pride. When I was recording I originally recorded everything from putting on my foundation, then the eyes, then the eyeliner, curling my eyelashes, mascara, the blush etc etc! lol...
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    FOTD :: Coral Delight

    Sorry for the cheesy title LoL! but today was just that, mainly coral colors.. thought i'd add the lovely pop of color on the waterline for some fun! I'm not used to, not wearing black eyeliner all around.. but thought it was a great change! Let me know what you think! FACE: Korres Face...
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    Recommendations for Wedding/Bridal Make-up!!

    So a good friend of mine has asked me to do her and her bridesmaids make-up for her wedding in October. i have not done any makeup since 2005! and so i'm really nervous! i've only done 5 girls in a wedding that one time lol.. and so i don't even have a kit anymore and don't know where to...
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    FOTD :: A little Hello Kitty Togetherness

    Lol I know that i'm always wearing purples, but what can I saw - i LOVE that color! so today i wore my Hello Kitty Scrubs (these are my other faves to wear when I wear purple).. and decided to curl my hair today (if you're wondering, yes I did cut my hair/bangs).. but i used MAC's In the...