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    Remember Folio? Or Aura? From MAC?

    You guys remember these colors? I believe they are discontinued. They were my mother in laws fave lip colors so I promised her I would find colors that are similar. Can anyone think of shades pretty similar to these two, high end or drugstore, it doesnt matter, thanks in advance...
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    Two-toned hair, pier 'photoshoot' & my rottweiler

    Natalie my rot bowser tryin to see if her hair taste pretty
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    Dying hair black. Best brand? & Maintaining it?

    Ok, I have medium brown hair and about 2 months ago I dyed the underneath black. I used Ion in Jet Black with a 20 volume developer. It faded super fast though and is just a dark brown now. My questions are.. -Best brand for jet black (not blue black) & I have access to Sally's beauty supply so...
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    Ugh. High heels = taller than your man. :(

    So there is pretty much nothing I can do to remedy this situation. I love high heels but when I wear them I am an inch or so taller than my fiance. Anyone else have this dilemma? What do you do? Rock flats or still wear your heels? I am lemming for these boots but they have a 4 inch heel and I...
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    Dramatic dark eye attempt

    Hey ladies. I have been practicing my dark smokey eye because im going to a stone temple pilots concert and really wanna rock a dark eye. I was inspired by Mizzchievious's high fashion tutorial where she used blacktrack fluidline as a base then carbon over it. I don't have the mac products so I...
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    How do you wear low cut boots?

    Ordered these off piperlime and I think they are super cute. I just have no idea how to wear them. And i'm looking forward to fall coming soon how would you wear these during the colder weather? Thanks!
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    Eminem/Bruno fight, staged or real?

    On the mtv movie awards last night sasha baren cohen dressed up as bruno who is suppose to be gay and really flamboyant. He is harnessed to the sealing and wearing a thong and gets lowered down (made to look like he is falling) and lands stomach down with his legs straddled around eminems neck...
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    Andy Samberg, the lonely island.

    Have y'all heard of Andy Samberg and his comedy troupe? It's called the lonely island and they are freakin hilarious. They do skits for snl and i'm addicted to their youtube channel. Check out these vids they are funny. But not to loud if you are at work "I'm on a boat" features t-pain and...
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    Del Rio dupe?

    I'm in love with this shade, the closest mac is like an hour and a half away, don't have a debit card to get it online.. Can anyone recommend something from the drugstore that looks similiar? I saw in a dupe thread 'cosmetic factory brazil l/s' and 'necesseties in leann' were dupes but I have...
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    Shiekh shoes quality?

    Found some boots I really liked at rack room shoes, but you can't order them online and the closest store with my size is oh. .243 miles away.. So I found these that look similar and was thinking about ordering, but i've never seen this brand. Anyone ever bought shoes from here? What is the...
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    Engagement ring - What kind of wedding band to match?

    Here are a few pix of my engagement ring. It's a platinum tri-stone with princess cut diamonds. I love it. But i'm having a hard time finding a wedding band to go with it. It's like they never lay flush against the ring and look kind of gaudy.. any recs?
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    what would you wear with these boots?

    Just got these from shoe station the other day and I love them. Just not sure what exactly to wear with them Like, what colors besides the basic grey/black. Any suggestions?
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    Wavy/beach hair tips?

    (Oops wrong forum meant to go in hair&nail) I am in love with this hairstyle I have straight hair any tips? mine always looks greasy or wet
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    Some photography <3 (very pic heavy)

    I have been trying to learn photography, but I find I learn the most when I just get out and take some pictures. Here are some of my neighbors horses, my parrot, my sister, and flowers. Also some parrots in gatlinburg tennessee that were saved from bad homes or owners who couldn't take care of...
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    What to wear with these heels? And mini dresses?

    I just got these shoes for $30 from shoe station on a whim and now I don't know what to wear with them Any suggestions? And also I was going to ask if anyone knew any sites for $20-$50 range cute mini dressess and bubble dresses. TIA Tara