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    All Things Sephora

    I forgot to post my swatch from my very first Bite lip lab December release. I'm hoping the Bon Bon palette will be on the SiJCP website before the 14th so I can still use my gift card on it.
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    All Things Sephora

    The first two didn't post so here's my crazy bag lady/movie star in hiding. Haha. And happy official birthday, Vee!!! :kisskiss::birthday::bootyshake::yourock::drinking::yay:
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    All Things Sephora

    Thank you!! I was so excited this morning, I couldn't get there fast enough. I was at Impulse in Macys one time and the girl came over thinking she could give me pointers on contour and highlight. I mean basic stuff. I smiled and thanked her, but when we were leaving I said I love when I go in...
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    All Things Ulta

    I definitely wasn't expecting the $30 gift card so that was really nice. I had to get another extra large Z palette for some blushes, my blush drawer is getting way outta control! I got my In Bloom Friday and I'm not sure what I think of it yet. I was thinking it would be more pinky toned...
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    All Things Ulta

    I feel horrible for anyone that has to work Thanksgiving. I'd rather give everyone a break and do my shopping online. Ulta definitely has a lot more deals! I love it! I'm up to $30 in points and they sent me a $30 gift card because I was dumb enough to forget to add the big sample bag. They...
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    I got my palette today and just did a really quick look before I did my last minute thanksgiving shopping. A couple colors don't swatch like I thought they would so that was disappointing, but most of them are really nice. I'll do some swatch pictures for you all in a few, but for now here's a...
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    All Things Ulta

    Post here about new items, exclusives, codes, double/triple points, sales, GWP, hauls or if you have a question about something. Right now its double points, triple points for platinum members. The 21st is the last day.
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    What's in a name?

    I was talking to Kristen (@stormborn) yesterday and I asked her what her daughters names are, then felt terrible that I didn't already know that. We're all so used to talking about makeup and skincare in the cosmetics discussion that we really don't know much about each other besides our makeup...
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    Sleek makeup liquid lipstick

    Has anyone tried the Matte Me liquid lipsticks? Do they have the same staying power as LA Splash? There is a certain color I want, but it doesn't look like they have it in LA Splash.
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    My first haul thread in about 7 years.

    I was on hiatus for a long time, but the Cinderella collection was like a kick start to my addiction. I relapsed hard core, haha. I was so upset that I was only able to get my hands on Glass Slipper that I just ordered whatever I could to make myself feel better. There is a Sephora contour...
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    Shattered! Unfortunately I'm not talking about the color

    I was depotting my eyeshadows and when I finally got to the last one it shattered in my hands, on my shirt and on my couch. Matte shadows are a pain in the arse! R.I.P. Electric, my poor shadow. I know I didn't use you much yet, but I loved you dearly.
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    T-mobile or Verizon?

    Does anybody have either of these cell phone providers? I have AT&T now and I hate it!! It says fewest dropped ASS!! It drops 8 out of 10 calls and I'm always breaking my phones because when I'm on an important call and it keeps getting dropped I get pissed and throw my phone. I...
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    Last year in my 20's, go out with a bang!

    So I just celebrated my 29th birthday and I had to go all out. My friend took me to get a new dress, a ring to match and a pimp cup that said "birthday bitch" haha. 4 of us went to Mortons for dinner then off to Altar bar where we got the VIP room and a bunch more friends showed up. I was in the...
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    I finally got some good news!!!!

    I was so depressed for a while because they weren't able to keep me on at Sephora after the holidays that I was barely even able to make it out of bed most days. Knowing how bad the economy is I felt like searching for a job was hopeless so I almost didn't even want to try. Well today I got a...
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    I can't even breathe anymore

    So with all the things I've been going through in the past two weeks I seriously can't even catch my breath anymore. So I had the perfect man ( you can see him in the couples thread ), the perfect job, the perfect house ( I've been living here since before my man ) and the perfect friends. Even...