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    WTH ..OCTOMOM spent 1000 on MAC!

    ohnotheydidnt: Octomom Blows More Than $1000 @ a MAC makeup counter! I just read this on ohnotheydidn't What a freaking moron! I love me some mac and if I had 1000 to blow I would probably spend it on cosmetics too but dang lady just had like 15 kids out of your pikachu ..go buy...
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    I'm a Candy Cane Girl !!! weee

    Here is my Christmas Eve look...It has been soo long since I have actually really done my makeup... I rarely do these days ..with my nearly 3 month old ...just never have time always in pajamas and in sans face heh. My best friend Becca gave me the Coastal Scents 88 Pallette !!! as part of...
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    Omgz I had a baby =P ( birth story)

    Sofia Liliana Castro Sept 27 2008 at 3:49 a.m. Italy time 5 lbs 15 oz Future MAC Addict =P Heya ladies ...I have not posted FOtd's and such in forever ... I still lurk the boards but towards the end of my pregnancy I just stopped wearing makeup lol ..i just didnt have the energy to put on my...
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    I iz a pretty Leaf in a Guatemalan Rain forest =P

    I didn't know what to title this lol...I normally don't branch out and play with my brighter colors...but today I pulled out some greens and golds, and blues...I Likey it ..My camera seems to wash the colors out a bit le sigh ...but I think it is still FOTD worthy lolz. Hugs and Loves and CC is...
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    THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES & i Don't mean the kid movie! (some bad words)

    dedication: id like to dedicate this here post to my good friend L ..cuz i know she has a fear or spiders like woah ...and any other victim out there that has screamed ..and been spoked by these annoying ugly beady eyed creatures..I mean they are pure evil..HAve you like read Tolkein ..and his...
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    Many names for Pink, Roze, Rosa, rosado....(molti photo)

    Heya's been soooo soo long since I have posted a FOTD ..but i have been so preoccupied with everything that has to do with being pregnant and getting ready for baby D-DAY ....I just haven't been playing with my beauty aresnal as much as I should. So I was home ..and bored ...and decided to...
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    Earthquake in Los Angeles

    I hope all of our Cali specktraetts are ok. Hugs ...i just read about this on Earthquake rocks Los Angeles -
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    I got Laneyfied ... ma buddy did my makeup

    SO today was a fun day girly friend laney came by and she brought over her cool heat haul so we could play with it ..since I was broke as hell this month and didn't get to do any hauling lol..Isn't she nice to let me play with her goodies hehe =) So I didn't plan on putting on makeup but...
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    cinnamony spiced roasted peach =P

    Hiyas...I haven't posted a Fotd in weeks maybe months heh ..but I was inspired by MissChievous's olsen tutorial .Here is my feeble attempt with slightly diffrent colors... I had fun gussying up go nowhere's but at least I could take pics of meslef right ? lol here goes .... Face: Revlon...
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    another pregnant woman made me cry today

    slightly long rant ...sorry for the run on sentences and mispellings moody =/ ok well obviously I am a plus sized woman. I am 5 ft even and at 5 months pg I am at 251. I am about a size 20 or so(*pre pg i was an 18) ..I normally go around feeling good about myself ..i do my hair..i put...
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    wow Im this ___ far along !

    SO I went to the doc today for my first ultrasound to determine a due date ...we get started and bam it's a whole baby on the screen ..not a zygote but actually a fetus now about 16 weeks pregnant lol!!!! Here I thought I just got pregnant and after talking to the staff they all estimated...
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    Just found out Im pregnant !!!

    Wow I don't know what to think ...a few nights ago I took a test and it was positive ..i screamed ...i cried...i was in disbelief ..then panic set in and I thought this can't be true no way I me could ever get pregnant ..I just always felt it would never happen for me. So about an Hour later I...
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    Thank You Missmacqtr

    I just want everyone to know what a most generous and sweet person missmacqtr is. A few weeks ago I made a thread crying and boohooin about how I lost my Heirloom 187se bursh. She then sent me a pm offering me a 187se herilooms brush for free no less. She did not want to accept any money not...
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    729 $ of MAD Haulin !

    So Febuary was a good month lolz ... and this is what 729 dollars worth of hauling looks like. Minus Creamkiss creamstick liner that for some reason was shipped alone and still hasnt gotten here ... most of it was from ....then one item from mac online, and one item from specktra...
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    Various MAC lipsticks

    Heya ..I was bored and decided to swatch my lippies first it started out with just me swatching the Peach lippies i own ..thne i said what the hey and swatched them all ..since I don't have too many was fairly quick. Enjoy =) after editing the pics to fit in here I...