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***It's Back!!!! High fashion look***


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This look is amazing. Great tutorial

Magic Markers

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So beautiful! I need to do this. I love how you didn't use like 251533 different eyeshadows that I don't have lol.

If only I had somewhere to go that I wouldn't look rediculous wearing that. Oh well, I might have to just look rediculous anyways.


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great tut! you did a fabulous job channeling your inspiration pic. i'm definitely going to try your panda-eye look.

thanks so much for sharing!


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Originally Posted by MissChievous
I saved the whole post as a txt file 2nd time around, so I just had to copy & paste this time.

apart from the fact that u r sooooooooo full of talent and beauty u r clever too!

ps!can i askk u for a sunburnt look tut plsssss...?

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