What is Your Favorite Quad?


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that was it... Tempt Me!!!

i couldn't wait to sell it!!!! it just didn't work for me at all...



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mine will be boring (but i use the quad everyday and i don't regret buying it like i do most of them) is well-plumed, and the thunder quad gets some use, but the rest of them i rarely touch.


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I love Thunder Eyes (wore that today!), Tempt Me, and Chromezone 3 tied with Take Wing for 3rd place. I actually get alot of complements on Chromezone 3 when I wear it.


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my favorite is definitely sweetiecakes. it's sort of hard to get good color payoff with sugar blue, but IMO its so pretty its totally worth it


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Seems like no one likes summerwear quad much...well of the 6 quads that i own, my fav has to be summerwear eye quad.


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Just for fun, if you like the Free To Be quad, set it next to the new Sultress quad with the greens in the same position...

All MAC shadows are different when applied, but in the pan, these 2 quads have a really similar lineup! (I love them both!) But if you liked the FTB quad, you might want to try/consider Sultress.


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Flowering, but I bought it in Asia and found out it was not available here....it had some gorgeous colors in it and I wish I would have gotten a backup.

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