What is Your Favorite Quad?


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inventive eyes hands down


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I am loving the well plumed eyes and the warm eyes palette. im sure i would love the corps de colour quad if i had it.


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Ok... I'm retracting from my previous post (I said Sweet Tea was my #1)... Pandamonium Eyes is at this moment my FAVORITE!! I bought it thinking it would be a nice addition to the quad collection, but probably wouldn't be something I'd love... but MY GOODNESS... the combos with that quad just go so well with my brown eyes... they actually make my eyes look lighter... LOVE it! 2nd would be Amazon Eyes. 3rd would be Sweet Tea (I didn't think there could ever be another quad I'd love more than that one)


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I love my Sultress quad! I don't have the Thunder Eyes quad, but I purchased a depotted Thunder shadow from someone and it's one of my favorite colors.


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Originally Posted by Pale Moon
Thunder and Corps De Couleur for me! ^^

Great mind thinks alike!!


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i dont tend to go for quads :/ i just ordered the balloonacy one so i think that'll be my favourite
i have inventive eyes too which is a bit too brownish for me.


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I really love Pandamomium because I am a huge purple person. I hated Take Wing and Well Plumed with a passion, swapped them away fast.
I really wish I had gotten Corp de Coleur, but it probably would have looked bad on me anyway because I am super warm toned.


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Thunder Eyes, without a doubt! The texture of all four of those e/s are to die for! I do love my Pandamonium quad too..


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Probably the Corps de Colouer (sp?) or the Pandemonium quad. Cool toned colors are best for me and these quads are just great and you can do so much with them!


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hmmmm... tough decision....
I use the Summerwear quad alot, but love the one that has White Wheat in it. The name escapes me right now without looking.


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thunder!!! rye and that purple color.. ugh. so hot.

amazon!!! the peach is great for eyes or cheeks

pandamonium!!! the purple in this is incredible

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