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    cold season!

    Anyone else have a really bad cold bug going around their area? Seems that everyone in my office is getting sick including me. Unfortunately its that time of here is a tip I got from a doctor (I work in the healthcare industry)... We all know that cough drops and orange juice and...
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    Breaking up is hard to do

    Yes it is.... 3 days ago Craig and I were perfect, happy, nothing wrong at all....making plans for a ski trip, etc...then he just snapped and changed his mind about me and us strange.... So yeah, if I post anything that seems harsh, let me apologize in advance, its just my...
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    My boy's new truck

    My baby just traded in his mustang gt for this. We are excited! 2002 Harley Davidson edition F150 And one of me staning by the
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    IsaDora cosmetics

    Hey, Walgreens is selling a *relatively* new line called IsaDora. I have their face glow that I use for blush, this stuff is amazing. I havent tried any of their other products yet though...has anyone seen or tried anything else from this brand? What are your thoughts...
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    Hey gals and guys! I live in KCMO and...well I went to the store at The Plaza last night and was telling one of the MUAs about this site. She was like "There is another girl who comes in here all the time and talks about this site. She knows the new products before I've even heard about...
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    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Hey kiddies, who has seen the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? I just got back from it and its AMAZING. Its very different from the old Willy Wonka movie because this version is based on and follows the original book almost exactly. I recommend it, but you have to watch it with a very...
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    MILANI- Depotting?

    Hey guys and gals, I've been busy depotting my MAC shadows all day, no problem, but I was curious if any of you had any tips for depotting Milani shadows? As far as I can tell, there is no plastic instert to pop out as the first step, and the plastic seems pretty thick to melt through. Is...
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    Interesting art work

    This guy is good
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    Whats on your desk?

    I love questions like these, it's a neat way to get to know people... My desk at work has : *8 skiens of yarn (I'm working on knitting 2 different projects) *a huge pink stuffed poodle *tons of photos of the family, etc... *3 training manuals for when I train the newbs here *2 networking...
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    what women want

    Hey folks, I'm having a debate (I have this argument once/week it seem) with some of my overly-macho guy friends. Gear heads and car guys... Anyway, they are ALWAYS complaining about how they cant find a good woman, that women get mad too easily, etc. I'm always trying to defend the finder...
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    Terri Shiavo and such

    Hey folks....Terri Schiavo passed on this morning In lue of these events, I'm curious...if you were in her position, would you want to be kept alive or allowed to pass on? How many of you have a living will that states what you'd want in...
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    Help: gold eye makeup ideas

    Hey folks, I'd posted this right before the forums were hacked... Tomorrow I'll be doing a photoshoot and I want to focus on gold colors/tones. I made a bikini out of small gold chain link (so that everything that needs to be covered will be!), and I'm wanting to do very dramatic bold gold eye...