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    Fort Hood

    I wasn't sure, but I know there are a lot of us on Specktra living in or around Fort Hood, or know someone who is. I woke up this morning and saw the news. My heart goes out to all of the military folks and their families this morning.
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    Other State measures that passed or failed last night

    California passed Prop 8, which removes the rights of gay people to get married in that state. Florida and Arizona voted to ban gay marriage outright. Colorado rejected a law stating life begins at conception, which would have meant abortion was treated as equal to murder. South Dakota has...
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    New hair and fresh baby piccies - one happy Ratling!

    Y'know, if I hadn't been using the name "Ratmist" since the mid-90's online, I probably would change to something else. So, new Ratling hair and fresh photos of baby Sam! And my new haircut! I really love it! However, please excuse me for looking incredibly tired, washed out, and...
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    Ratty's brand new baby boy

    So I ended up with preeclampsia and had to be induced three weeks early. We ended up being a forceps delivery, but my boy is doing fine. I lost a lot of blood, had three transfusions, and he ended up under lights for jaundice. But we're home now, and we're settling in slowly but surely...
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    China Olympic Ceremony Little Girl Mimed (Real Singer Wasn't Pretty Enough)

    BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | China Olympic ceremony star mimed A pretty girl who won national fame after singing at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was only miming. Wearing a red dress and pigtails, Lin Miaoke charmed a worldwide audience with a rendition of “Ode to the...
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    Must-Have Items for New or First-Time Mothers

    Okay ladies, I need your help! Help me figure out what I need to get for my kid, lol. I've seen lists online for what we need to pick up to prepare for the baby. I'm curious what must-have items Specktra Mamas think are essential. (Obviously, I don't mean the buggy/pram, crib/cot, carseat...
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    Question for the MUAs - do you sell makeup to kids?

    I was a bit intrigued by the other thread - and I got to thinking about what MUAs think about selling makeup to kids between the ages of say, 10 - 14. I'm just curious if there's a policy about dealing with the tweens. For example, I'd...
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    Depotting Shu Uemura - what compacts fit the depotted shadows?

    Help me out Shu Uemura fans. I'm really getting into Shu and there's finally a counter in my town. I heard somewhere that if you take the plastic insert out of the MAC 4 pan palettes you can fit the depotted Shu shadows in. Can anyone confirm? Or am I doomed to buy the super-expensive empty...
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    Maternity Clothing Discussion - Isabella Oliver?

    So I'm 21 weeks + 4 days as of today. I'm counting that as the start of month 5. I've long grown out of my jeans/trousers and bought a few pairs on eBay. Bought a few things from Topshop and just in general been a bit disappointed with maternity clothing. Then I kept seeing Isabella...
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    Matte-finish Moisturiser Recommendations??

    Hi ladies, I'm looking for a moisturiser that will not leave me with a greasy/shiny/sparkly appearance. I want to use it under my current foundation, which is Chanel's Mat Lumiere compact, which I usually use wet to give a light, matte finish. Skin type: clear skin, combination (oily...
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    Did you breastfeed? If so, for how long?

    So I'm settling a bit more into the idea of becoming a mother soon. I'm 18 weeks pregnant and I've started feeling a little fleshy butterfly in my centre moving around. It's definitely not gas, so I assume it's the baby. One of the things I'm thinking about is breastfeeding. I'm curious if...
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    New scientific breakthrough - man grows back sliced off fingertip

    BBC NEWS | Health | The man who grew a finger In every town in every part of this sprawling country you can find a faceless sprawling strip mall in which to do the shopping. Rarely though would you expect to find a medical miracle working behind the counter of the mall's hobby shop. That...
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    Experts say sex abstinence program doesn't work

    By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Programs teaching U.S. schoolchildren to abstain from sex have not cut teen pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases or delayed the age at which sex begins, health groups told Congress on Wednesday. The Bush administration, however, voiced...
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    How British women are disciminated in the workplace because they are pregnant

    I realise some of the nitty-gritty of this article relates to the UK law system, but I think it applies elsewhere in the world, particularly America. Kira Cochrane on how women are discriminated at work because they are pregnant | Money | The Guardian Picture this. You're a woman in your early...
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    When did you first feel your baby move, and what did it feel like?

    I'm approaching week 15 and I keep getting this weird stretchy-achey-pulley sensations in my lower abdomen. At first I just put it down to trapped gas (I've been extremely, horrifically gassy since getting pregnant), but it doesn't feel quite like trapped gas. It feels like something pressing...