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    professional colorists, help pleasee!

    I have been coloring my moms hair for about a year now(shes naturally level 4/5), and at first we used redken(colorgels) 5CB, but she liked it but wanted darker/less red so we switched to 4N. She has about 40% grey. She liked the 4n but when it fades it shows through alot of the old color, but...
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    highlighting help

    hi again, I want to highlight my hair and am doing it myself (actually my friend will be doing the highlighting i just have to buy the stuff) but I was wondering do you highlight with just bleach? I read that hair dye won't lift, so I guess this is my only option? I've highlighted myself before...
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    Am I unhireable?!?!

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread please feel free to move, mods! Anyways I have been looking for a job since last summer, and it seems nearly impossible to me! I applied to several stores, Kohl's, bed bath & beyond, a candy store, toy store, linens and things, target, a few restaurants etc...
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    What to wear to this occasion?

    Hellooo specktra goers. It's been such a long time since I've posted, I was so swamped with finals, graduations, etc but I'm happy to be posting again. Anyways I have a little bit of a fashion predicament. I have an open house thing for my cosmetology school in august(yes, already stressing...
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    Need help finding hair pics!

    Hello everyonee On Monday I'm getting my hair done and I am looking for pics of dark brown hair with cool-toned highlights. Most I've seen are very warm highlights but my natural color has no red at all to it, so I have come to realize that the warm highlights don't suit me at all. Right now my...
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    beauty schools...need advice choosing!

    hellooo ladies & gents So I've been really entertaining the idea of going to beauty school next year and found 2 that I am really debating between. one of them is a well known beauty school and the other is a local school. Do you think it is worth the extra $$ to go to a well known, "name brand"...
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    How Would I Achieve this?

    Hellooo. I was wondering how I would go about doing this? I Love the volume/texture of it, and have no clue which products to use. Normally I'm all about smoothing down my hair but I really love this look how its kinda messy. Thanks in advance!
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    The New True Religion Fragrance

    mm I just saw this in a Nordstrom ad, and I LOVE it! It's really clean smelling, sorry I am SO awful at describing scents, but I was just wondering has anyone else tried it yet?
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    VersaSpa UV free tanning?

    I recently saw an ad for the VersaSpa tanning. It's supposed to be similar to the mystic but less claustrophobic. Has anyone tried this? I'm curious to try it but am scared it's like the mystic, which freaked me out beyond belief, haha. If anyone has experiences, please share! thanks
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    Lightening Dark Brown experts needed!

    Hellooo So I have officially decided that I am sick of always going darker with my hair and I really really want to try lighter. I have gotten highlights before but I'm convinced the formula my salon uses is pure brass because it always turns orange, so I'm going to try it out myself this time...
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    Halloween Practice + First Time Falsies

    happy almost halloween! I am sooo excited! So I tried a few looks, I did try a princess look, but it photographed horribly... I ended up having way more fun with the witch look so I sort of gave up on the princess one anyways haha. Oooh and I had lots of fun with the fake lashes! Hope you enjoy...
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    Has anyone ordered from this website? Just curious. I found tons of cute/cheap shoes I really want but they are so cheap ($3.99) it makes me wonder if this is a trustable site...
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    Tanwise Tanning Lotion

    So the other day I went to Sally's to buy some hair dye and I stumbled across Tanwise self tanner. Its around $10 and I was a little skeptical at first but it smells like coconut and it had a pretty bronze color so I bought one. OMG i LOOOVE it! I never find a good fake tan! I have been using...
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    Help with developer for at home coloring...

    Hi everyone! So recently my mom asked if I would fix her roots since her salon now charges through the roof prices and I told her i would. I know how to apply it and everything but my quesiton is what type of developer should I buy? From what I have been reading I should get 20 vol. developer...
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    Cell Phones?

    Hii I've been looking for a new phone lately and I'm trying to decide which one to get so I was wondering if anyone here has had a voyager or a venus? Idk which one to get or if either of those are good. Im at a loss. They're the same price so I can't rule either of them out by that either, ha...