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could someone please tell me how much the lipsticks, beauty powders, tinted lip conditioners and key clips are going to be in the UK? Want to buy some stuff for myself AND for my sisters birthday but I have a budget of £100...


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Lipsticks are £11.26, beauty powders are £15.17, no idea about the TLCs and the key clip I think is £11.74. If you have a budget of £100 you'll be able to get a lot of nice items.

I got 3 lipsticks, 2 lipglosses, 1 BP and a glitter eyeliner and that came to just over £80.


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Originally Posted by MsCocoa
I think I still want the petite bag I may wait and get it instore...

I bought one because I think they're cute, but also because someone on YT said you could fit a HK eye palette in there. You can't without it being a bit of a squeeze. It's larger than the Barbie mini bag, but still quite small. I still love mine though!


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Got my stuff!

Have to say I am IN LOVE with pink fish - it is soooooo pigmented!
also lovin fun n games it gives me the perfect healthy glow.

I am pissed off about the key ring though- it's much smaller than I thought and the mirror is crappy plastic! Mine has scratches on it and because it is plastic you can't really see yourself through it-pointless!



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I'm disappointed with the key chain too - it looks and feels pretty cheap. I bought it give to my sister with her birthday presents next week and I was hoping that the mirror just looked bad because it was covered in that protective plastic you often get but I don't think it actually is. I'll need to have a better look at it though.

The only other thing I got was Big Bow l/s. I was worried it would be too much Fun'n'Sexy but it's a much more wearable version of it for me. I really like it.


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Grand Duos up as well as Hello Kitty - I want moon river but can't afford anything this month

Also Mineralize being repromoted-no new shade/rotation as yet though!


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WOOOOO ordered my stuff online at work today. have been checking the website every half an hour for the last 2 days. hehe. it's lame that everyone seems to be dissappointed with the keyrings... I got one for myself and one as part of my sisters birthday present... can't wait for my stuff to arrive!!! It better not take too long. lol. I got:

Pretty baby beauty powder
Fun and games beauty powder blush
Fashion mews lipstick
Fast friends lip glass
Pink fish tinted lip conditioner
A keyring

For my sister:

Big bow lipstick
Pink fish tinted lip conditioner
Tippy beauty powder blush (Can you tell she likes pink, hehe)
And the keyring...

OOOOOOO i'm excited! and I don't even have it in my hands yet


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I am itching to buy a bunch of stuff now off the website but I'm going to hold out and buy some stuff after my shift at work tomorrow. This time I'm even buying Pink Fish for my 11yr old sister who is completely obsessed with Hello Kitty.

I'm glad I finish at 2pm so I should be able to get my hands on most of the things I want!


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omg everything's selling out fast!!! In a way I'm glad the US gets everything first, gives me a few weeks to ponder and decide for definate what I want. My order was over and done with in 5 minutes today... which is just as well cos the work computer was threatening to die on me before I could finish


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I can't believe cutester sold out so early on....luckily in Birmingham there are 2 counters and a store so at least I have a bit more choice. My list still keeps changing though!


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i still want to buy strayin' lipstick and the too dolly quad.. but i already have similar colours. I really just want everything for the packaging, so i'm trying to resist, but neither have sold out yet...


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Hey, newbie here. Usually lurking but hello kitty so exciting I had to post. I got my order a week before the release date due to some flukey secret links thing I found. I got:
Fashion mews
Big Bow
Nice Kitty
Nice to be Nice
Sweet Strawberry
Too Dolly
Her Glitz
The Traincase
The Larger Makeup Bag
Brush Set
Both Blushes
Both Tinted LC
The Lashes
Something about Pink NP
On the Prowl NP

I know it's kinda big but I waited without presents for a long time so my husband's wallet took a big hit. My absolute favourites are the eyeshadow palette (the colours are gorgeous) and the traincase.

Girl about town

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i ended up buying ....
strayin lipstick (love love)
Big bow lipstick
the key clip
pink fish Lip conditioner
on the prowl n/v

also bought

cremesheen l/s
lavender whip
shy girl lippies

redhead and brunette (yummy)

Wanted a hk make up bag but thought they were a total rip for the size of them!!!!!


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ahhhh i want lavender whip!!! I can't find it on the website now though, so I guess it was limited edition?


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Lavender Whip is part of the Creme Team collection but wherever it's from, it now seems to have vanished, right enough!

That's odd as I would have expected it to to appear either as 'Sold Out' or 'Out of Stock' (if it actually is either) rather than just disappear. Perhaps it will reappear?


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Went to the store today and got Popster LC and Girl Groove Glitter EL, even though I know I'll rarely use it! lol. Also got Earth to Earth min. blush.

I feel very proud - I was strong and didn't get any lipglosses or eyeshadows from HK - I have too many already!