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    So how do I wear parrot shadow now that I have it?

    What's a subtle way to wear parrot? TIA
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    Orange County girls - Southcoast Plaza?

    I just moved to the OC and would love to go to southcoast plaza with some fellow makeup junkies (check out Shu Uemura store and the MAC one too of course). Respond here or PM me if interested!
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    Dupe for Pearl Sunshine BP?

    Mine broke on my trip to Vegas. And I loved it so. Anything like it that I can replace it with? TIA!
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    Another Starlet DUI What the hell is wrong with these people? I mean its bad enough for anyone to have a DUI, but when you have millions and can hire a driver to pick your drunk high ass up as you stumble out of the clubs, you have even less of an excuse.
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    Need Coworker Advice Please- Major Bitch Alert

    Hi everyone, I have a a huge problem with an evil coworker. Here is whats happening- This particular coworker of mine is a very bitter woman. She is 37 and her position title here has "assistant" in front of it. I am 26, and my title doesn't. Recently we have had a few reports done here by an...
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    Shear Genius

    Anyone else watch this? Its no Project Runway (thought it tries), but its still thouroughly enjoyable. I think Tabitha is awesome, I can totally imagine myself calling Evangeline on her insanity like she did. Sally Hershberger kind of scares me, she looks like she'd be a really mean lady to...
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    Help Please - Cooking Advice for a Kitchen phobe

    So part of my new budget is predicated on my not eating out so much. However not only do I not know how to cook, but I have no interest in learning. I also have OCD, which has manifested itself in my being afraid of food, esp. if I perceive it to be old or contaminated (all food in a grocery...
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    Japan won't officially apologize for WWII sex crimes

    Here is a link to the articles: I think this is very sad on their part. They will go as far as to admit that sex slavery occured, but they claim that it wasn't sanctioned by the...
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    Does anyone else's counter do this?

    My counter sells out of stuff like lightning. However, they still keep their LE collections displays up, but just replace the sold out products with products from their permanent collection. For example, I walked into my Nordstrom's the other day, was excited when I saw they still had beauty...
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    A Specific Type of Blending Brush

    What is the best type of brush to use when blending crease color with lid color? Can this just be the same brush you use to apply the crease color? TIA
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    Tips on making more $$?

    I currently work for a non-profit and I love what I do - however, the low pay is seriously killing me, especially since I live in Ca where rents are sky-high, even in the not-so-great areas. I don't want to leave my job just yet (I have to stay at least a year, which will be in June), and...
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    Wet n' Wild shadows

    I just think these are great! Especially the Egyptian Sand palette and Mojave Mauves. I just got the bigger ones, specifically Sand Castle. Wet n' Wild has definitely aways from being a teenager's first makeup.
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    Pet Advice

    I live in an apartment where they don't allow cats or dogs. Do you think I can get away with having a bunny or a guinea pig? Does anyone have experience with these kinds of pets, and have any advice as to which would be less messy? I heard rabbits can be litter box trained, but I imagine it...
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    MAC e/s Game!

    Because I'm bored, and because I think this may be more fun than asking, "What do you think goes with this eyeshadow" I'll start by posting an eye combination, and then the next person takes the last item I used to make up a new combination using MAC eye products (of either something they wear...
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    What do you do with MAC glitters?

    So I have Jewelmarine, but it is not eye safe apparently. What else can I do with it? I had been planning on using it on my eyes, I can't imagine where else I'd put it!