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    Ideas on what to do if you lose the cap to your lip liner or pencil eyeliner

    I have a looot of pencil eyeliner and lip liners, and once in a while, a cap will go missing. I usually wrap a tissue around it and put a tiny elastic around it to make a cap, but I was wondering if anyone has a better idea/solution? :)
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    Hello again!

    Hi I'm Holly! Long time member (Though I was inactive from 2009 til now!). I am a makeup artist, and have been one for about 5 years now (I joined this site when I still dreamed about becoming a makeup artist!). I went to Blanche MacDonald and took their full time makeup artistry program in...
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    Thinking about moving from Canada to the U.S.A... has anyone here done this before?

    I've had a long distance relationship for about 5 years. And I'm thinking about finally moving in with my boyfriend. Thing is, he lives in Florida, and I live in Alberta, Canada. And he reall,y reallly, wants me to move there. So i've been looking at immigration things, and getting a green...
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    I'm SO excited! I've had an online relationship with my boyfriend for nearly four years, and he's finally coming up to visit (he lives in Florida, I live in Alberta)! It's been suuuuuch a long time coming, and I just can't wait My friends can't wait to meet him either because they've talked...
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    My first FOTD...

    Well here's my first FOTD. I've pretty much been too chicken to post one since I've started, even though I do swatches and stuff, lol! This has been on since 8:00am, and it's 11:19pm now so sorry if its a bit smudged What I used: Face: Revlon Skinlights in Bare Light NW15 Select Moisture...
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    My last haul til Balloonacy :)

    Thanks to the lovely Carmell, my tiny haul that I have been lemming for foreeever has arrived in the mail Peacocky Glitter Liner Entremauve pigment Small haul, but soooooooooo pretty
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    My Makeup Stash *Pic heavy*

    Here's almost all of my stuff, I know I forgot a lot of stuff :P At first I started labelling everything, then I got really lazy, lol. I'll prolly update this when I get more (which is pretty often) I only *really* started getting more last december (so like 3ish months) Anyhoo! Here goes...
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    Tiny Haul :)

    Went to see 300 with my friends yesterday, and we killed some time in the mall because we had to wait for the movie to start (We went to the theater at 6:30, to get tickets for the 7:00 movie, but it was sold out, so we waited and saw the one at 10:20) I got: The new MAC lightful moisturizer...
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    MUFE Star Powders

    So I bought some star powders by MUFE yesterday (The bright orange one, and a goldish green one) And they are TOTALLY hard to open without losing product because of the little holes (I threw out the plastic thing that covered them because I figured they were just to be thrown out?) Is there any...
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    Guess who got a Dollymix Quad at a counter in CANADA?!

    Me me me!! I guess they accidentally shipped some to The Bay at the counter I go to. They got like one for the tester, and one for sale. I went into MAC today to se if they had any sweetness lipglasses left (mine got stolen at work ) but they didn't have any of the barbie lipglasses left, so...
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    Baby pictures

    *If this isn't the right place for this post mods feel free to move it or delete it* When I was little I never got to see my baby pictures, sisters baby pictures, parents pictures etc. My parents always told me they'd show me another time whenever I asked. Then we moved and I never asked once...
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    Am I crazy or...

    I got my eyebrows waxed not that long ago at a Spasation salon, and everytime she like pulled the wax strip off, and like blew into my eyebrows. Now am I crazy, or is that totally unhygenic?! Maybe I'm just a germaphobe, but I asked her to stop. Bleck!
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    Holly <3's Barbie loves MAC!

    Oh man, when I got to the freestand store in the mall practically EVERYTHING was gone. Half of the eyeshadows, both beauty powders. So I went to the Bay and luckily their counter had everything. (I like their employees more anyhow ) I ended up getting: Moth Brown e/s (Beauuutiful)...
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    Think I could get this exchanged?

    Mods if this isn't in the right section, sorry! I got a 187 brush for my birthday (The 14th of Jan) and just recently I realized that my handle is REALLY loose (Like I can turn it around in a circle, the metal part isn't holding it or whatever, or if i kinda move it side to side, the metal...
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    Okay I lied about not buying anymore stuff [with pics]

    I went out shopping with my mom today, and I only wanted to get some smashbox photofinish primer, but this is what I ended up getting! Smashbox: Photofinish Foundation Primer (accidentally cropped out of the picture) Cream Eyeliner Duo- Envy/Copper Browtech- Taupe Fusion Softlights- Guru...