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    Let it SNOW!!!!

    I've got to take my daughter to dance class and then we're in the house for the rest of the day! Here's the look! Face Lubriderm Extra Moisture Lotion Black Opal Medium Deluxe Finishing Powder HIP Enamoured blush Eyes Black Opal 03 Honey Flawless Perfecting Concealor NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow...
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    California Dreaming on Such A Winter's Day

    Today is supposed to be the last decent weather day here in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. By Saturday, the temps will be down 20 degrees from today. Thinking about that made me long for California. That was the inspiration for this look... Face Lubriderm Extra Moisture Lotion Black...
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    This Weekend's Excersion

    I am dragging my bf and my daughter (she's 9), and we're gonna hit up a few places for budget makeup. First, I'm hitting the CCO in Off 5th @ Arundel Mills Mall (for all my ladies in the DMV) to see what MAC goodies I can find. (I'm about to send off my MAC Pro App) Then, I'm hitting: Target...
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    Blue Flame E/S & Delft P/P

    I'm in LOVE with these two colors together and separately. I have a few questions though... I got mine from a CCO trip a few weeks ago in Hagerstown, MD. Well, yesterday, I go to the CCO in the Saks Fifth Outlet Store (the actual name escapes me) in Arundel Mills Mall. I see the same Blue...
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    Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

    You ladies are SO fierce that you all have inspired me. ESPECIALLY Nyla2120. You girl are FIERCE!!!! At any rate, you all have inspired me to take more risks with my make up and I'm REALLY excited!!!! Face ELF mineral consealer Warm Black Opal Deluxe Finishing Powder in Medium MAC Merrily...
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    Picture HELP!

    Alright ladies... I did my BEST work yet tonight... In order to challenge me, I got my daughter to pick out some colors and I mixed them together and put them on her. It turned out the BOMB!!!! I used califlower blue (on the lid), fuschia (in the crease), lime green (on the outer lid), tan...
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    Black Heads HELP!!!

    I think they're called back heads... They are black and they look like they're stuck in my pores. I don't normally notice them, but I just bought a GREAT makeup mirror. When I was looking in the 3x mirror, that's when I saw these things. I HATE THEM! How do I remove them? I think a few...
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    Delft P/P

    I am TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY in LOVE with this p/p. I'm fairly new to the MU game and this is my first p/p. I bought it a few weeks ago on a whim on my first CCO trip. Let me tell you ladies, I'm SO in love with this color. I'll post a FOD later, but I just LOVE IT! Anyone else share my love?
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    Amuse Cosmetics

    Anyone used them? Thoughts? I saw them on The colors are gorgeous, but I'm wondering about the payoff. Thanks!
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    I'm not sure where else to put this question, but here goes... Do you use bronzer? What is it supposed to be used for? How do you use it? What brush do you use? What's your favorite? Thanks!
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    Paints: MAC vs L'Oreal HIP

    I'm interested in paints and what they do. Does any one of you fabu ladies use them either MAC or HIP? Thoughts? Rite-Aid has all the HIP stuff BOGO free this week so I'm going to go up there after work and pic up 2 or 4 to play around with. Also, how do you use them? Which brush do you use...
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    MAC & Coach Haul (my first time @ CCO)

    So we (the boyfriend, the kid & I) went to the Outlet Mall. Made a weekend of it. Here's my MAC Haul: 10 Little Darling MAC Pigments/Glitters: Melon Gold Stroke Pinked Mauve Teal Reflects Antique Gold Gold Mode Gold Dusk Frost Quietly Reflects Blackened Red Mineralized Blush: Merrily e/s...
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    L'Oreal HIP Cream Blush

    Ya'll will not BELIEVE what happened. Or maybe ya'll will... But anyway... I went to the Dollar Tree and found L'Oreal HIP makeup! I think someone in here mentioned that Dollar Tree sells HIP stuff. Anyway, I bought 6 cream blushes for $1 each. They actually had quite a few drug store...
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    Has anyone used this brand? Thoughts? I'm eying a few pieces and just wanted to know your thoughts. thanks!