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    top mac brushes, why and what you use them for

    hey, im going to get some more mac brushes soon i have a few already but i just wanted to know your favourites, and why, and especially all the different things you can use them for which ones couldnt you live with out!! i would especially like to know what is best for...
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    sex, or lack there of

    so... where do i begin? i'm not usually the type to air my dirty laundry, but i'm sure some of you specktrettes out there can help so i've been with my bf for 6 years, we dont argue, we get along great, we love each other very much and imagine our futures together, but we hardly ever...
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    a rather bizarre request for you specktrettes!! my mum asked me, seeing as there are so many of you on here from all over the world to ask if any of you know a decent recipe for guacamole, cos there must be some lovely mexican speckrettes, or american specktrettes that know how to make...
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    mac pro fashion week face charts

    i really wanted to see the face charts on the mac pro website but it wont let me because i am not a pro member, i was mainly interested to find out what they used for the peacock looking eye one, could anyone post the picture and details here? also, why cant i see what pro...
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    in anticipation for venomous villians

    Products used Face: Lancome Photogenic Luminesance shade 001 Azealea Blossom Blush Ombre Vellum Highlight Eyes: TFSI Yoghurt (lid) Violet Trance (crease) Parfait Amour (outer crease) Mylar (highlight) Vellum (inner corner) Black track Fluid line UD 24/7 liner in lust (waterline) Diorshow...
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    counterfeit china glaze?

    sorry in advance if this is the wrong part of the forum is there such a thing as counterfeit china glaze, opi etc on ebay?
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    Britney releases unedited pictures of herself

    Britney has gone up in my estimation... i think this was a very brave move! I bet women everywhere will breathe a huge sigh of relief that it is physically impossible to look like all the airbrushed magazine images! Britney Spears releases un-airbrushed images next to digitally-altered...
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    red lip recommendations

    hello, it's my work collegues birthday on the 16th of May, and she keeps eyeing up red lipsticks, but sighs and says she doesnt know what she could 'pull off' she's about 35, and has light brown hair, with dark blonde hightlights, and a light to medium skin tone. she always picks the 'natural'...
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    Winter blues :( anyone know a good foundation for dry skin?

    So i'm stumped. I feel like i've tried everything, short of buying every foundation on the market and trying them all! Every foundation I've tried makes my skin look cakey and it begins to flake within an hour or so after putting it on. I currently use elizbeth arden 8 hour cream as a...
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    i was looking at this listing ebay but do you reckon it is legit? she is selling tonnes of LE stuff, and also nars etc, do they make conterfeit nars, lancome etc? i have messaged requesting more pictures, but wanted to know what you guys thought, will post pics when i receive them
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    starting my neutral collection

    so, i've got tonnes of colourful eyeshadows, but i wanted a few to start a neutral collection, cos ive seen quite a few looks lately on people like katy perry etc, that use neutrals but are still quite dramatic and defined, i would love.. a good highlight, crease colour and lid colour... i have...
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    i know its a long way off but...

    what are you asking your other halves to get you for christmas? my other half likes to plan ahead, and has asked me what i want for christmas this year already.... i'm drawing a huge blank.. but while i try and think of something i thought it would be fun to ask what you guys are thinking of...
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    Blue Flame

    the colours have come out weird cos i took them at night, no idea why one is yellowy and the rest seem red toned haha pouty face! dont know what i was doing there! Eyes GPS base Blue Flame Lid UD Vapor (inner corner) Deep Truth Crease Freshwater Crease Eyelure False Lashes #107 UD...
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    What MSF?

    Hey, I've recently discovered MSFs... I know, what have I been doing ?! Anyway, so far, i only have Soft and Gentle, and while i like it, its quite chunky, it doesnt give me the sheen i long for. What I want is a finely milled lighter shade (i'm NW20, NW15 in winter) that i can dust on my...
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    push the brash off the page with a wave

    I could not think what to call this Sorry the picture isnt brill, i took it on my phone! i wore it to work this morn Eyes: Crest the wave - tear duct NYX eye pencil (hot pink) OFf the page inner 1/3 of eye Brash and bold over outter 2/3 of eye Violet Pigment over brash and bold in the...