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    I *hate* - winter, snow, being sick... I want spring, I want SUMMER!!!

    I'm laying in bed... sick, coughing, my voice is completely gone.. blah, I hate this so much. This weather (upstate NY) doesn't help much. Anyways, I did this few days ago, bright colors to express my need for sunshine, green trees and nice weather Face- MAC Studio sculpt foundation...
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    My boy likes girls with long hair... Oh honey, that's too bad!

    Because I cut mine off today! (Or yesterday actually). He got mad when I told him I'm going to cut it off (can you imagine?!) but after he saw it he said I look gorgeous, like always aww. So, this is before I went to get it done- Face- MAC studio sculpt foundation, studio finish concealer...
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    Please help! Short hair on me- yay or nay?!:)

    So, for the past few days I've been thinking about cutting my hair short... Last time I had a really short haircut was... hm, 10 years ago or so? I had a long hair for some time, then I chopped it off (medium short), then I grew it back, chopped it back off... Now I wanted to grow it out again...
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    Better texture/color payoff- Orange or rule? :/

    I know they are not that similar, but I just want one that has better color pay-off and is easier to apply and blend? Thanks!
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    Lip recs for this pic, please

    If anyone has any recs for this color, lipstick, lipgloss, whatever- Thanks!
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    Tutorial Contest Winner June 2009:Let's try to be sexy tonight! (Smokey eye tut!)

    Few months ago I did a "challenge" on one of the other forums I go to, the theme was "sex" so I did a smoky eye m/u. I posted it here as a FOTD and got a couple of requests for a tut. I know, I know... it was long time ago, but hey- I did it so that's what counts I like this smokey eye because...
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    Yeah, I matched my M/U to my outfit. Is that a crime? (Warning-lots of cam-whoring)

    Well, if it is... sue me! Sorry about so many pics, I didn't take any pics of my m/u in a long time, so I kind of miss it Yesterday's m/u- soft purple. Products used (all MAC unless otherwise noted)- Face- Prep & prime skin refined zone, studio sculpt foundation (NC20), prep & prime...
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    MAC please me l/s- question! :)

    I can't really do a search on "please me" l/s because it tells me the terms are too short or something Anyways, anyone who has this- do you like it? And if anyone could suggest same shade in a different finish? Thanks!
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    Steamy or Shimmermoss... please help! :)

    I'm going to order some stuff online tonight and right now I'm trying to decide which one should I get- Steamy or Shimmermoss? I have green eyes, NC20, and the most important thing for me is that it's pigmented and easy to blend. Thanks!
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    189 brush...

    If anyone has 189 brush, could you please tell me -where was it made (printed onto the brush), -is it on the heavy side -did it have any smell when you first got it -or did I just buy a fake brush? It really stinks (both hairs and handle) but I just want to make sure. I can make some pics if...
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    A FOTD I actually like...

    Hello everyone! I didn't post any FOTDs here in ages and the ones I did post kinda suck so let me post something I did few days ago... First of all, let me explain these "sexy" poses and "f*ck me" look in my eyes I did this for a weekly challenge which was "sex". So, let's see that sexy...
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    Hilary Duff- new video

    So, here's her new music video... I'm kinda shocked, she was always such a goody-goody girl (or at least she had that vibe lol) Sucking on a guy's thumb, really? It looks forced and over the top... I love her makeup, really stunning. YouTube - Hilary Duff - Reach Out - Official Music...
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    NOTD - post all here

    I love, love, love nail polish & doing my nails, so I think we need more np threads Tell us what you have on your nails today, post a pic or just write it down I had OPI "Malaga Wine" all day today and I changed it tonight to OPI "Mauve-lous memories"
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    Sweet, sweet lips...

    I would love to know what was used on her lips in this look... (If anyone understands, it may be written in the blog [ LINK"]LINK ] or anything that you think might look like this (MAC or no MAC) The pic in the blog is actually bigger, so that might help as well. Btw. my lips are pretty light...
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    Seborrheic dermatitis

    Ugh! I have it on my scalp (actually almost on my neck... it kinda goes from the bottom of my head to my neck..) and it's freakin' annoying!!! And itchyyy... oh how itchy!!! Especially when I'm nervous or stressed out... and it gets red... My Dr. prescribed selenium sulfide (2.5%)...