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    RIP Bea Arthur :(

    I just heard about this this morning. I adored Bea Arthur and The Golden Girls and all her stage work. Golden Girls Star Beatrice Arthur Dies - Tributes, Bea Arthur :
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    I have big feet...and I want cute peep-toe shoes

    Okay. So. I wear a size 10.5 shoe. It sucks. That said, I am *ADORING* the peep-toed shoe that is so popular right now. Not peep toes, but a good representation.. So I'm looking for more whimsy, less stripper. And that is *HARD* to find in my shoe size. Zappos, google, polyvore...
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    I need some hand/nail treatments like nobodies business!!

    Ladies! The title says it all.... My nails are dry and weak and peel. My cuticles will NOT be tamed. I'm starting to get (genetic) ridges on my nails. I get the little skin tags that catch and tear and bleed on the sides of my nails. I am going insane!! I take a comprehensive multi-vitamin...
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    1st FOTN -

    K, so. Holiday Party last night. Did a full face for the first time in FOR-EH-VER. Face: Smashbox Color Correcting Primer in Green Prescriptives Custom Blend Foundation Warm Soul Blush Lightscapade MSF Natural MSF Eyes: L'oreal De-crease eyeshadow primer Sunday Best e/s Bright Fuschia -...
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    And speaking of Hello Kitty...

    Sanrio just opened a Luxe Store in NYC Times Square! One of the Jezebel writers attended the opening, and took lots of pictures! Hello Kitty: Hello Kitty & Random Celebs Get Catty At Sanrio Luxe Store Opening
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    Alright...whose up?

    Well, its 9:06am here in Austin, TX and I've been up since 6am. Damn having to work on a Saturday!! BOO! So who else is up and why? Got any awesome weekend plans? What are you eating? Anybody else having to work on the weekend?
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    Visiting DC and needing tourist info!!

    Hey all! The husband is going to a class in DC after his R&R and I'm tagging along with him. We're actually going to go up a few days before he's scheduled to be there to have a small vacation of sorts. I'm pretty excited because the only time I've ever spent in DC was one afternoon after...
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    Black lips?!

    This seems to be an upcoming trend for this fall; I've seen Lancome, MAC and YSL all have black lipgloss coming out for the fall. Is this a look you'd do? I honestly don't think (with my NW20 skin) that I can pull it off without looking like corpse! Any thoughts?
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    Nine Inch Nails - 8/16/08 - Houston, TX...

    ...was the best concert I've ever been to. I had such a blast I couldn't get to sleep until 2 am or so; 4 hours after the concert ended!! I took over 550 pictures and wanted to share a couple. Our lovely founder, Janice, was at that concert as well. And though we didn't meet up, we were...
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    Two Hauls for the price of One!!

    Ha! Not really...but you are getting *two* hauls in *one* thread, so that works, right? First up! Last months haulage...from lots of sales on Specktra and LJ From L to R: Toast 'o the Town nail lacquer - Barbie Loves MAC Baby Sparks Dazzleglass Blue Storm and Ice Scape l/g - rumored to be in...
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    Microdermal/Single Point piercing?

    I'm hoping someone on the board has had one of these done and can answer some questions! I've only ever had my navel and ears pierced, so I'm a bit scared to have something so permanent and, of course, of the pain. But I just love the look of these. I was looking to have one placed right at...
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    MAC Chill January 09 Swatches?

    I hope this is in the right place! So, there was a seller on ebay with a few l/g that seemed like they might be from the upcoming Chill collection in January 09. I received these l/g today and wanted to post swatches for those curious. Please forgive the horrible picture; it was incredibly...
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    Prescriptives: Custom Blend or Colorprint?

    Has anyone had either of these done? Can you share your experience with me? How accurate the match was? How long it took? etc? Also, I have incredibly sensitive, prone to redness and acne, dry skin....anybody else out there had success with prescriptives? Thanks!
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    Crown Brush - Wanna go in on an order with me?

    Hey ladies! I'm eager to try Crown Brushes, but they have a minimum $25 order. Their brushes are so inexpensive I'd have to buy close to 10 brushes just to reach that!! Thats a stretch for me (I know its easy for some of you ) as I'm not a brush 'collector'. So, I've got about $8 in...
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    Dazzleglass Dupe?

    If this isn't in the right place, I apologize mods! I was at Sephora this afternoon and I saw they have a new (to me, anyway) product called something like Super Shine Lip Gloss. The packaging is almost identical to the Dazzleglass and the shades are *somewhat* the same. I tested the...