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    Oh Garnet!

    Okay so I am in a bit of a pickle...I LOVE Oh Garnet and wish I had the cash to afford MAC when it came out with Adorn, and I am seriously halfway done with the one in the Colour Forms warm lips palette! Guess what that means-I am looking for a good duplicate of it! Any recommendations of high...
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    5 Most Underestimated MAC Products

    Figured you can't have the overestimated without the underestimated, now can we? 1. Helium pigment. Ignore the fact that if you try to do this on the eyes as a shadow, you will have nuclear fallout. The beauty of this is that it can be used anywhere. It is great to use as your brow highlight...
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    Outlettin' It

    So today, I went shopping since it was a decent payday and well, I came out swinging so to speak. Before I hit the outlets, I went and got my boss her birthday present (a Rainer beer shirt a store had), and then at ULTA I got OPI's Lemonade Stand By Your Man. Then we hit the good ol' outlets...
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    Recent Haulage, Part Deux (New Mall?!?)

    So today was my long-awaited Southcenter hauling and boy, was it worth it. The Mariner's Team Store was open before the rest of the mall and I got a few little doo-dads-pink baseball bat, mini Richie Sexson bobblehead, and Kenji Johjima cell phone charm. Total damage? $13.06. H&M bored me to...
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    Recent Haulage

    Sorry no pics, but this stuff is kickin'. So I told myself to go on a smidge of a no-buy for the new collections...but when Express has insane sales AND coupons, I am there. Over the course of three trips, I got: Basic one-shouldered tops in pale yellow and pale green Orange one-shouldered...
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    New Sets

    So these aren't new product, but ULTA has a new set that is a full size UDPP along with the Ammo shadow box for $39. You can also get it on
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    No Makeup But Still Fun!

    So it was early payday...w00t! And how better to celebrate than by shopping? First thing before work was I hit Express. All their redlines are additional 20% off-so I picked up two dresses. One was a green silk one-shouldered dress with a floral print and pleated skirt. The other was a black...
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    Friendly Future Monster

    So I figured that due to my boredom, I'd post pics of my ever-growing collection. It's a lot of different brands, still some drugstore stuff in there, and I'm missing a few of my pieces. Nothing really extraordinary though. Figure I might sometime get around to my perfumes and nail...
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    Beat The Heat Haul

    So what better way to beat the heat than to go out and spend my hard-earned money? None really. It is the VS Half-Yearly sale, and on Tuesday I picked up one bra (red Wave lace balconette), three pairs of panties, Dream Angels Desire shimmer lotion (it should not be called lotion, it does not...
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    Total Girlie (A Shop Your Stash Look)

    This look is a Shop Your Stash look, I figured I rarely ever do pink eye looks anymore so why not break it all out today? You need: Eyeshadows-Lancome Makeover, Lancome Kitten Heel, MAC Pink Freeze, MAC Solar White (or Crystal Avalanche) Pigments-Helium, Pink Pearl Glitter-Reflects Very Pink...
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    Envy You

    Apologies for the quality of the pics-when I got the first set on my computer it washed EVERYTHING out with the flash, and then I tried it again sans flash and it looked bad too. A new camera is in order, n'est-ce pas? For this super-elaborate FOTD you need the following: Eyeshadows-Cool Heat...
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    Not Even Payday?!?

    So yesterday was the Neo Sci-Fi release, and to commemorate it I went right at opening and bought stuff. Of course I bought Sci-Fi-Delity and Pink Grapeftuit, and love them to death. However I ended up caving and getting Spaced Out. I LOVE it. Today, since I was bored, I made a trip to the MAC...
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    First Pictured FOTD (bad)

    Apologies for the quality of the pictures, as not only does my camera stink and essentially wash me out as well as my eye makeup, but my face is not made to be photographed anyways. Anywhoo, this is my first attempt at showing a look that is a typical work look for me. Eyes: Urban Decay 24/7...
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    Actual Birthday Hauling (semi)

    So Thursday was the Naughty Nauticals launch, and I could not miss it for the world-so much so that I leave extra-early to go and get a few goodies. I get there and most of it is honestly underwhelming...but Port Red looked fun in the tube. When I put it on, it just popped. Everybody loved it. I...
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    Pre-Birthday Haulage

    My birthday is this Friday, however I went up to the outlets today and boy was it great (since most of the stuff for myself was paid for by my mum)! Went to the CCO and could have bought a lot but kept to my two-item limit-Lune blushcreme and Helium pigment. Got myself a cute Michael Kors tank...